How to Battle Dry Air and Keep Gorgeous Skin

How to Battle Dry Air and Keep Gorgeous Skin

The winter is a notorious time for skin and hair health. This is because the season is known for exceptionally dry air, which can lead to brittle hair and cracks in your skin — both of which can cause discomfort and issues with self-esteem. Luckily, you don’t have to wait out the season in distress. Here are three ways you can overcome the effects of dry air on your skin and hair.

Use the Right Products

It’s important to use skin and hair care products designed both for dry air and your unique needs. A good moisturizer is essential, and it’s recommended that you apply it as needed. For most people, this means working some product into your skin after washing your hands and taking a bath or shower. If you have exceptionally dry skin, you might need to apply moisturizer throughout the day. There are also a few best practices you can follow when the air is dry to achieve the best results:

  • Take shorter showers and don’t use hot water.
  • Apply products with your hands rather than a cloth.
  • Use products designed specifically for gentle skin care.
  • Wear gloves when doing dishes.

Look for similar qualities in the beauty supplies you buy for your hair. It’s also recommended to invest in some quality lip balm to protect your lips and keep them healthy in the winter and any other time when the air is dry.

Adjust Your Diet

There are several foods known to help with skin and hair health. And the good news is that these foods are delicious! Fatty fish, eggs, and avocado are a few of the most well-known. A few fruits and veggies to add to your diet include spinach, red peppers, coconut, and tomatoes. In general, you want to eat nutrient-rich foods that help with collagen production and hormone balance.

Optimize Your Home or Work Environment

Hydration inside and out can help with your appearance. So not only do you need to adjust your diet, but you also need to think about how dryness — i.e., issues with indoor humidity — affect your skin and hair. If the air around you is too dry, it can lead to problems such as:

  • Increased susceptibility to sickness
  • Dry eyes, skin, and hair
  • Blurred vision and trouble focusing
  • Skin conditions such as eczema

Many people are certainly familiar with these problems in the winter when the air is notoriously dry. You can use hair and skin care products to help with these symptoms and tweak your dietary habits, but for the best results, you should also invest in improving your indoor air quality. A whole-house dehumidifier, which attaches to air ducts, can help improve your air quality and optimize the system in general.

Anyone interested in healthy skin and beauty knows that dry air can be a serious problem. Thankfully, there’s plenty you can do to care for yourself when the humidity isn’t right. Remember these three tips the next time the air gets a bit dry, and look forward to healthy skin and hair even in less-than-ideal conditions.

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